About Angelica

Hello! By now you know my name is Angelica. I am a thirty-something year old mommy living in Ohio with my husband, our daughter, and my emotional support pibble.

I am a student going for my bachelor’s degree in Communications online. I fell in love with communications, specifically speeches and essays, many moons ago. Which is incredibly ironic because I have a fear of public speaking. I have been told I have a way with words and I would really,ย really like to become a communications instructor at my local community college. (To help inspire someone else to love communications, too!)

Like I mentioned before, I am a mommy. My daughter came after three miscarriages. That makes her myย rainbow baby. My daughter is five years old, fascinated with technology, a really great student in kindergarten, and obsessed with unicorns ๐Ÿฆ„

I have lots of interests including: astrology, baking, cake decorating, crafting, dancing, music, schooling my daughter, and tarot.

About the Rocketship

Most people hear the name of my website and think, “how on earth did you come up with that name?” I was creating my website during a tumultuous time in my life. I kind of took a look around my desk to think of some names and I saw a space ship. I guess you could say the name just came to me.

In 2008, the rocketship was born! I began chronicling events in my life and even, unintentionally, founded a sort ofย support networkย for victims of sexual assault.

The website has had many themes and many stories over the years, but has evolved into aย creative space for me to share things I make. I like to make pretty content and to color the web.ย 

My website is currently hosted by A2 Hosting (affiliate link). You can find out more about my credits (and resources) by clicking here.

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