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A flower is a smile from heaven

Just a cute quote I found and am going to use for a project. I thought I would share.

Just in case the swirly loop doesn’t show up right (because it’s the only thing that I made personally), here is a copy of that (right click, save)

The fonts I used in this are KG Be Still and Know ( and The Spirit (Creative Fabrica —ย not free!)

Sinceย The Spirit is not a free font, I went to find some fonts that are similar to what I used:

  1. Indigo Daisy
  2. Real Ohio
  3. Macho Barista

These fonts are pretty close, but you might still want to play around with the way they’re spaced or sized!


Want to know about how to upload images to design space? Click here for an excellent tutorial!

Peeps Cricut Project

This was an incredibly trying project for me — It was myย first big project. Here is how I did it.. YOU NEED:


  • I used four bunnies and four blocks for four names
  • The project is set up for four blocks and four bunnies bought specifically from the Etsy shop in my link!
  • I like to put blocks around my cuts so when I weed, I don’t have to wrestle all of the project.


  1. Line up your blocks how you like them best (I tried to get one side really flush/straight)
  2. Once you like the line up, glue them together with wood glue
  3. Let that dry
  4. Paint your bunnies your desired colors
  5. Let them dry
  6. Cut the project from Design Space (do a few passes — the toughest cutouts were the faces!!!)
  7. Weed that
  8. Sand your blocks and buff out any residual wood glue
  9. Paint your blocks
  10. Let them dry
  11. Finish painting the bunnies if you only did part of them
  12. Allow everything to dry overnight
  13. Once everything is dried, you can use transfer tape to transfer the vinyl words onto your blocks and bunnies
  14. Mod podge over the blocks and bunnies if you’d like to (I only did the blocks because the vinyl wasn’t adhering to the paint)
  15. Use a SMALL AMOUNT of wood glue to adhere the bunnies to the block base ๐Ÿ™‚

This is intense to me. I will never do this again. Okay, I probably will… Anyway.. I hope you have fun and find your own shortcuts.


Grandma’s Favorite Peeps — 8.8″ wide Patricia, Jacob Jr, etc — 1.6″ wide Peeps face circles — 0.085″ x 0.085″

Why these dimensions? White blocks — 2.25×4 = 9″ Bunnies — 1.75″ at widest part


p style=”text-align: center;”>You can adjust the bunny faces by ungrouping them and resizing

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