Category: School Time

Kindergarten Prints

I made these for my daughter and her classmates for when they entered Kindergarten! You can use them, too!

Counting 1-100
(it might help to see the red numbers!)

Download 1-100 PDF

Days of the Week
(I cut them out and put them up in one long row)

Download DaysoftheWeek PDF

(A blank writing page for children to write a sentence or two and a space to draw a picture)

Download KJournal DOCX

Letter Tiles
(cut them out and your child can use them to build some of the sight words!)

Download letters-alphabet DOCX

Rhyming Words
(Simple rhyming words with emojis to help children learn to rhyme)

Download RhymingWords PDF

(three versions of this. I printed them out and hung them on the wall.)

Download school-alphabet PDF
Download school-alphabet-amended PDF
Download school-alphabet-complete PDF(<– this one is BOTH the first two files in one!)

Alphabet Writing
(You can use these in a clear sleeve to create tracing pages for your child!)

Download alphabet-vertical-dotted DOCX
Download alphabet-vertical-solid DOCX

Download sight-words DOCX