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Mobile Games

Here are some mobile games that I have been playing through the years~

Alchademy is a cute game where you mix ingredients to get cute creatures. There are six books full of ingredients and creatures to unlock!

Book I: Origin

Book II: Growth

Book III: Discovery

Book IV: Surviving

Book V: Establishment

Book VI: Self Awareness

Covet Fashion is a dress up game where you unlock challenges and prizes while competing in dress up competitions. I loved this game but it eventually became too expensive to keep up with~

Decurse is a game where you restore a land that was cursed!

Happy Hop is a jumping game where you keep jumping as high as you can and avoid obstacles in your path! It's SUPER cute. You can unlock cute jumper characters~

Home Street is a simulation game where you build a house, create stuff, and take care of your little character. (I actually prefer this game to the Sims mobile game! The graphics are just better to meπŸ’πŸ»β€

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