Under 300lbs!!!

Today I weighed 298(.4) — I AM OFFICIALLY UNDER 300LBS!!!!! I could explode. I cried. I laughed. Why am I such an emotional mess about this? I don’t know the last time I weighed under 300lbs. When I conceived my daughter, seven years ago, I was 306.

Should I write about the physical changes I’ve noticed? I still want to talk about all the stuff that people don’t talk about. Like my hormonal changes? They’re like… extreme.. o_o

Peeps Cricut Project

This was an incredibly trying project for me — It was my first big project. Here is how I did it.. YOU NEED:


  • I used four bunnies and four blocks for four names
  • The project is set up for four blocks and four bunnies bought specifically from the Etsy shop in my link!
  • I like to put blocks around my cuts so when I weed, I don’t have to wrestle all of the project.


  1. Line up your blocks how you like them best (I tried to get one side really flush/straight)
  2. Once you like the line up, glue them together with wood glue
  3. Let that dry
  4. Paint your bunnies your desired colors
  5. Let them dry
  6. Cut the project from Design Space (do a few passes — the toughest cutouts were the faces!!!)
  7. Weed that
  8. Sand your blocks and buff out any residual wood glue
  9. Paint your blocks
  10. Let them dry
  11. Finish painting the bunnies if you only did part of them
  12. Allow everything to dry overnight
  13. Once everything is dried, you can use transfer tape to transfer the vinyl words onto your blocks and bunnies
  14. Mod podge over the blocks and bunnies if you’d like to (I only did the blocks because the vinyl wasn’t adhering to the paint)
  15. Use a SMALL AMOUNT of wood glue to adhere the bunnies to the block base 🙂

This is intense to me. I will never do this again. Okay, I probably will… Anyway.. I hope you have fun and find your own shortcuts.


Grandma’s Favorite Peeps — 8.8″ wide Patricia, Jacob Jr, etc — 1.6″ wide Peeps face circles — 0.085″ x 0.085″

Why these dimensions? White blocks — 2.25×4 = 9″ Bunnies — 1.75″ at widest part


p style=”text-align: center;”>You can adjust the bunny faces by ungrouping them and resizing

Weekly Weigh In #15

I went down in a size again! I am now a 2x top and (still) a 3x bottom! I am down from a 5x/6x. I haven’t worn a 2x — off the rack — in almost a decade. This is incredibly liberating. Anyway, I’m plugging away at this weight loss. x)

  Starting Oct. 3, 2020 Current Mar. 7, 2021 Gain/Loss
Waist 56.5  41  15.5
Hips 64  47  17
Chest 61  45  16
Neck 18  14  4
Thighs* 30  22.5  7.5 (15)
Upper arms* 15  11  4 (8)
Lower arms* 11  8  3 (6)
Calves* 22  15.5  6.5 (13)
Ankles* 11  10  1 (2)
Weight (lbs.) 377  302  75
    Total: 75 lbs. 96.5 inches

Measurements in inches/pounds Items marked with (*) are doubled since I have two!


Seventy five pounds!!!

I reached seventy five pounds down this morning!! I AM SO EXCITED. I couldn’t break 304 and 303. I kept going back and forth! I DID IT. Wuahahah!!!

I also started halving my Actigall because I began having some hair loss (I think I mentioned previously). My doctor told me I could cut it completely, but I’m scared to. So I’m going to cut back and see how it goes. I only need to take it for a couple more months. It’s supposed to help prevent gall stones. Gall stones happen very easily with people who had weight loss surgery because of losing weight so quickly.

I was also allowed to stop taking three more medications! I am, however, going to be eventually starting a different form of Vitamin D. I’m not sure what yet. My iron is still pretty bad (I’m borderline anemic) and my Vitamin D is insufficient (I was deficient so that’s improvement I guess?) This will be my third try with a supplement.

I bought some new clothes yesterday to get me through. I went to my gyno yesterday who enlightened me on some weird stuff happening with my girl-bits. I’m considering making a whole post about all of the things I’ve discovered that changes with your body that no one warned me about. I guess it should be common sense but.. who knew you lose weight in your perineum? I mean… anyone? 🦗🦗🦗

Today is a very good day and I feel freaking great nevertheless 🙂

Weekly Weigh In #14

This week was not a great week. I went to a candy store with my daughter and that was like torture for me. I wanted everything. I wanted chocolate. I wanted pretzels. I wanted cotton candy. I did buy fudge, my fave Jelly Bellies, and sugar free chocolate. The fudge was so high in calories that I went over my caloric intake a couple days because I needed to meet my protein goal. Now that it is gone, I can reset and refocus. I’m a little ashamed of myself, but also proud that I didn’t woof it all down the second I got home. The old me would’ve ate it all in the car on the way home, hid it from everyone (including my weight loss tracker), and felt guilty about it forever. Now, I feel like it’s over with, I ate it, I still feel guilty, but there wasn’t much damage done. Just do better next time. Being easier on myself is probably one of the hardest things to ask of me, but it is a necessity. Everyone has a weakness. I know mine and I’m trying really hard to be better. Anyway, onto the good stuff…

  Starting Oct. 3, 2020 Current Feb. 28, 2021 Gain/Loss
Waist 56.5  41  15.5
Hips 64  48  16
Chest 61  45  16
Neck 18  14.5  3.5
Thighs* 30  22.5  7.5 (15)
Upper arms* 15  11.5  3.5 (7)
Lower arms* 11  9  2 (4)
Calves* 22  15.5  6.5 (13)
Ankles* 11  10  1 (2)
Weight (lbs.) 377  303  74
    Total: 74 lbs. 92 inches

Measurements in inches/pounds Items marked with (*) are doubled since I have two!

Can you BELIEVE how many INCHES I have lost?!?! That’s insane. Today I am going to buy myself new REAL shoes because my feet lost a half an inch (not included above). I have been wearing Crocs for about the last seven years. I haven’t really had shoes that I could lace up because I couldn’t get my foot up high enough to tie it. I can bend now! My movement is so much easier. Y’all. I’m telling you.. I could cry at this progress both physically and mentally. I am so proud of me.

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